Can you identify the manufacturer?

I recently purchased a cast exhaust pot, but cannot identify the type of engine it would have originally been associated with.

Does anybody recognise it? See it at -

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John Ambler
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Its for a Petter, I'll look after it for you :-) Seriously I don't know. There look to be part numbers on the flanges they might offer a clue. regards Roland

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Roland and Celia Craven

Might be Crossley. The Crossley powered gas engine workshop I knew of (sold now, complete, to a decent home) had a similar exhaust pot.


Kim Siddorn

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J K Siddorn

At first glance I also thought Petter - namely Petter Handyman.

However, given the Handyman exhaust manifold is angled away from the engine towards the ground it may not be as this pot appears to be top entry and top exhaust ?

But saying that, it would still look very much in keeping with a 1.5HP Handyman...especially if the cleaning port was converted into the exhaust inlet.....ideal ;-) !

Regards David

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David McC

Hands off Craven - you already have more than enough Petter scrap :-)

I'd love it to be a Crossley - although not the right design for my

1060, at least from the same stable.

I would consider swapping it for that semi Tangye diesel however ???? Deal?? :-)

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John Ambler

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