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Hi all,
picked up a Petter S type, 8hp, during the week. I've always very much liked my
5hp model, but it never seemed quite,
well, big enough. The 8hp model is a lump with much more presence and I'm more
than pleased with it. It's in barn
fresh condition and is a 1926 model, AFAIR. I haven't yet written to Mr
Edgington for the history, but I'll contact him
next week. There is plenty to do on it, judging by the internal clonking, but
I can feel that it's going to take over
as favourite engine from the 5hp model.
Also shown is a Parker pump I acquired recently.
Pictures at:
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Arthur G
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Arthur G
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I think the engine shifter is an unfair advantage, to keep the NG on a level playing field you should use muscles just like the rest of us :-))
Martin P
p.s. nice lot, if you spot a pump like that again push it in my direction please.
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