OT Wrecked Discovery

I feel I must share this with someone so I can blow off steam.
I was coming home from work this evening when a non local decided to do a U
turn from a slip road to my left, straight in front of me. I hit him at
about 15 mph right in the side which took his o/s/f suspension off but of
course smashed my n/s/f wing, bumper, bonnet headlamp etc. Luckily, apart
from the washer bottle getting pushed toward the front wheel it was still
I phoned the police there and then, who came along (in a Discovery) and when
he realised the situation, he made the other guy write a précis of the
accident including the words "it was my fault".
This, it seems will help me to force his insurance company to supply me with
a similar vehicle.
I have just spent the last hour unloading everything (I still had the Fuller
and pump in the back from Haddenham ready for this weekend)
Hopefully, I can organise a replacement vehicle with a tow bar in which I
can load the engine and still do Barlylands.
Sorry to witter on but I am absolutely incensed mutter mutter mutter.
Assuming I can sort something out, I hope to see any of you who are coming.
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Pete Aldous
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Sorry to hear about the damage, but more importantly you're in one piece :-))
If you get stuck for a tow, give me a shout, we might be able to sort something out.
-- Peter & Rita Forbes snipped-for-privacy@easynet.co.uk Engine pages for preservation info:
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Peter A Forbes
Thanks Peter, luckily I was not going very fast so no personal damage.
John Southall reckons there is a Mitsibishi Crew cab Pickup with a roof over the buck that I can hire from the Place next to his works. As long as I can get the other guys Insurance company to foot the bill, I will try to get that.
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Pete Aldous
Sorry to hear of this, Pete. It's lucky you didn't have cargo. Hope all works out okay.
This reminds me of a crunch I had a few years ago when a big low-loader (with a massive tracked digger on board) which I was stopped immediately behind in traffic started to reverse. I couldn't reverse out of the way as the woman in the car behind me was stationary, as was the car behind her.... Just after the car was hit and I was about to leg it out of the door so as not to become sandwich spread, the truck driver must have felt the resistance and stopped.
When I walked forward to the cab and complimented him on his unique driving style, the driver said, "Oh, 'ave I 'it you?"
My response was neither polite nor poetic.
Arthur G
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Arthur Griffin
Thanks Arthur, actually I did have cargo, my Fuller & Johnson plus pump and all the rest, good job it was well lashed down.
The insurance company of the guy who hit me have now admitted liability and will get me either a Discovery or a Mercedes by 9am tomorrow so I should (as long as nothing else goes wrong) get to Barlylands by lunchtime.
Thanks again.
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Pete Aldous
Good result Peter. This is a pretty good insurance company you are dealing with - all the ones I've known have treacle on their feet!
Kim Siddorn
I'd rather have a free bottle in front of me than a free frontal lobotomy!
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J K Siddorn
It is the CIS. When I first phoned them this morning the guy was a bit reticent and would not say much until he had spoken to their client but after they did, they were on the case quickly.
I have to say my own Company The Prudential were swift. From my phone call last night they had green flag pick up the car at 9am this morning and delivered to the crash repair centre. A car was made available to me this morning for three days (which I hopefully will not need) and the crash centre also offered to arrange a 4X4 with a towbar for tomorrow morning.
I am just looking for as little disturbance to my life from this episode as possible........
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Pete Aldous

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