petter s fuel lift pump looking for a fuel lift pump for a petter s 8 hp
1928...either to buy, or to borrow as a pattern to get one made.
Thanks for your time.
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dan wiese
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Hi Daniel,
As far as I am aware (Experience limited to mine) the Petter S 8 HP does not have a lift pump.
The tank base is pressurized from the crankcase which then forces the fuel up to the filter then to the injection pump.
A one way valve is needed in the pipe from the crankcase to the tank. And the tank filler needs to be well sealed.
I can scan a page from the manual and e-mail it to you if needed showing the piping layout.
Best regards,
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Quite so Chris but it is, all the same, a type of lift pump. Unfortunately Dan's engine has lost it and I cannot get at my engine at the moment. If you can provide pics or details of the brass valves that are bolted to the rear of the basetank, and screw into the main housing that would be an enormous help. ttfn Roland
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Roland and Celia Craven
Hi Dan,
I have posted both pictures and scans from the parts and operators manual in alt.binaries.images.vintage-engineering
Either search for your name or Petter S type.
Good luck,
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