Replacement Switchboard fuse carriers

Like quite a few collectors, we have a number of switchboard items
that need replacement porcelain fusewire carriers (the mountings on
the board usually surviving the scap man's handling)
We looked at various ways of reproduction, but in the end we bit the
bullet and had a pair of proper moulds mad eup by a friendly
pattern-maker, the results of which have been coming back to us over
the past month or so in the way or resin cast carriers.
We have the option of using the moulds for porcelain if we wish, but
the resin cast samples have proved so good and so much more durable,
that I think we may well carry on with these only, the life of the
mould also being increased.
There arev two sizes, one is /2" between the blade centres, the other
is 3-3/4" between centres.
At present, I have not got all the other parts sourced, I am just
replacing the broken holder with a resin one and then transferring the
parts over from the old one, but if there is a better demand than at
present for the other parts, then I will get them made in batches of
50 or something like that.
I'll post some pictures of the old and new parts tonight.
Kind regards,
Peter Forbes
Prepair Ltd
Luton, UK
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Prepair Ltd
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