4mm fallplates

Hi all I'm building a J39 loco and wish to fit a fallplate. The real thing used a sheet metal with a chequered pattern embossed. Could someone please tell me if anyone sells a suitably embossed sheet for fallplates in 4mm scale?

Thanks in anticipation. John

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"rj.richardson" wrote

Slater's do chequer-plate Plastikard, but I don't think it is to 4mm scale.

Why worry about the pattern; in position between loco & tender it would barely be visible.

I have plain 10thou black Plastikard fall-plates on most of my tender loco's, and they look just fine.


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John Turner


Westwood, Jackson Evans and Craftsman all make items which you may find suitable. Go to the Mainly Trains website

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and type in "fall plate" and "fallplate" into the search engine. The Craftsman item may fit your requirements.

Hope this helps.

-- Enzo

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Enzo Matrix

I think some rubber from a bicycle puncture repair outfit does the job perfectly, it has the diamond pattern on it and has the added advantage of being flexible for any curves!

Regards Martin

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Martin Livingstone

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