Bullied Merchant Navy 35017" Art work"

Hi all spotted this on ebay tonight looks the part !! nice bit of art work This is a scene featuring Bullied Merchant Navy 35017 Belgian Marine with a Saturday only working on Honiton Bank, circa late 1950's.

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Hope this link works. I would like to know how the artist is it doesn't say and I can't make it out in the bottom right hand corner ??

All the best Steve

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The Parkys
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The seller cant know much about Merchant Navies if he thinks they belong on the WCML.

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James Christie

formatting link
It does now :o)

Does anyone have a picture of a Merchant Navy lit up at night?


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It says it is a painting by Paul Thurston. Don't know who he is, but it looks good! :-) Regards, Paul.

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Paul Francis

The description has now been updated to talk about the South West Main Line. The seller does say he is selling it on behalf of his father, so that would explain some of the initial confusion.

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John Ruddy

Nice new picture on the desktop from tonight methinks!


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Mike Kerslake

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