car paint/BR blue?

Does anyone know of a car paint spray code number/make which would approximate BR loco blue from the early 1970s? (I have ordered some from Phoenix for a a pair of reasonably good models but I have a few old Limas which I want to tart up without the expense and wait for delivery)



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john dolan
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NO! You'll spend as much on buying the incorrect paint as you will on getting the correct stuff...

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I must admit it doesn't include rail blue anyway, but here's a thread with a list of a fair few railway colours and car paint alternatives:-

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I doubt if you'll get an exact match to phoenix elsewhere, but then colours on the real thing weren't 100% consistent anyway, especially after a few days on the road.

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But there is a problem with car paint: it will lay down a thicker layer than model paint. That can and will obscure fine details. Don't ask me how I know... ;-)

I do use a light coat of zinc chromate primer on metal, however, to provide tooth for the model paints. It doesn't have to be a covering coat.


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Wolf Kirchmeir

Thanks to you both for this useful advice.


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John Dolan

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