Class 37 from Santa...

I want to get an OO Class 37 for a Christmas present that I can
Trouble is, I want one in EWS livery. I can't find anywhere that still
has any Bachmann 37s in EWS left. This leaves me with the option of
the Hornby close-coupled pair.
Does anyone have any experience of these Hornby 37s? What do they run
like? How do they compare to the Bachmann? Can you take the powered
one off and run it alone?
Also, does anyone know how heavy the weathering appears in reality? I
don't personally weather my stock (for various reasons) and wonder if
these 37s would look silly next to a Virgin 47, an SWT Turbostar, a
Regional 158 etc. all in wash-plant fresh state?
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Chris Rogers
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Check-out the many web-sites available..... Dyserth-Road (Nick Gurney) ....Excellent exhibition "OO" gauge layout....look at the level of weathering and relevant information with links to many other web-sites including the hands-on site from John Humphries and Steve Jones plus many others.
Martin Bray has an amazing collection of the numerous prototype loco' classes in all states of weathering and colours..... John turner 53a Models web-site offers more excellent ideas from vast time consuming collections from behind the camera..... Try the class 37 loco' group for some really mind-blowing info' on the 37 of your choice.....plenty of up-to-date pictures too.....
Don't want to get into another debate here but you're probably looking at Bachmann....Lima....Hornby in that order of general preference of technical detail and running qualities in relation to what these manufacturers offer with their respective class 37's....none are void of faults.
Have you tried to contact Bachmann Industries to ask if they know of any retailers with any EWS branded 37''s worth a try as they have their own data-base.....
If you opt for the Hornby 2 x pack, you can run the powered loco' on its own as they are not permanently coupled....
Hope this is of some help to you...
Colin Meredith.
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Colin Meredith
"Chris Rogers" wrote
We may still have just one Bachmann EWS 37 remaining in stock, but don't expect it to be heavily discounted - rules of supply and demand apply.
John, 53A Models, Hull.
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John Turner
Look in the *Subject* listing for:-
"Fotopic Site Update" by Adam shows an excellent image of 37114 "City of Worcester" in a well weathered condition.
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Colin Meredith

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