Blue Pullman

I want to try an re-engine a Triang Blue Pullman (OO). The centre-centre for
the outer wheels is 22.1cm. Does anyone know which present Hornby or
Bachmann product comes closest to this (either as a DMU or a Bo-Bo) for
using an alternative chassis?
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Peter Tomlin
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If there isn't a direct drop-in RTR chassis, you may find it as quick to use either a Spud motorbogie, or the Bug-Ant modular motorbogie. Both pretty foolproof (ie. don't need scratchbuilding skills/tools). The Bug-Ant is infinitely flexible in wheelbase, and can have any motor of your choice added.
- Nigel
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Nigel Cliffe
You could just put ultrascale wheels in the existing bogie... but you'd have to wait 6 months for delivery :)
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Gerald H
Why wait 6 months, Tony's Train Store on ebay has replacement wheel sets for Blue Pullman, Dmu's etc:
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Wilson Adams

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