DCC in a Hornby Terrier

Does anybody have any information/pictures etc., on putting a DCC decoder in the Hornby Terrier? Cheers Gene

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Phil: I used a small Lenz decoder and put it in the roof of the cab - wires discretely placed inside t o get there. I would have thought it needed all the weight it had ?

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"Gene" wrote

The new Lenz Mini-Gold decoder would be ideal for this job.


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John Turner

I did this using one of the smaller ZTC (216 I think) decoders, but it would work for any of the smaller ones available.

I put it in the boiler:

1) unscrew body from chassis 2) remove smoke box door and remove small weight from boiler 3) drill through backhead of smoke box and feed decoder wires through 4) solder in decoder wires to pickup/motor connections as normal 5) refit body to chassis 6) refit smoke box door 7) Hey presto - invisible decoder!

Yes, you remove a small weight, but I doubt you're planning to pull a 13 coach express with a Terrier, so you're unlikely to notice the difference.

Cheers, Ian

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Ian Bartlett

Gents....Thanks for all the great advice.....I installed the decoder yesterday useing the advice from here and from another group. Tested the loco on a friends layout and it worked perfectly...and he programmed the chip to allow me to run on regular DC also! Great! Thanks again Gene

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