Have a good one!

Hi Everyone,

Just a note before I pass out to wish everyone on here a Merry Christmas, and my Best Wishes!

The Boss took us out for a Christmas 'drink' and a meal. I have just had 5 Pints of Lager, 3 double measures of various spirits, and a superb Indian Curry.

Now I need to sober-up before remembering which end to put the stuffing as I attempt to prepare the Turkey!

Season's Greetings to one and all (Hic!).

David. (Strong Coffee Advised, right NOW!).

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David F.
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You'll be sorry in the morning!

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He's probably sorry now. :-)

-- Happy Holidays Roger T.

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of the Great Eastern Railway

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Roger T.

Why, it might keep you awake. Id have another couple of beers if I were you. Happy hicmas Rob

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