Kitmaster Midland Pullman

Along with many other modellers, I realise, I am seeking Kitmaster Midland Pullman kits. Specifically; one Kitchen car and two Driving Cars.

These must be unbuilt, complete and undamaged as far as the kit components are concerned, but the condition of the packaging is immaterial to me as I will be building the kits, not collecting them.

I am aware of the popularity of the subject and the relative rarity of the kits amongst both modellers and collectors, so I am under no illusions as to their value.

I will not pay extortionate prices, but will happily pay the market value. Having already bought three kits via Ebay, I have a clear idea of what this is.

If anyone has kits which they would be prepared to sell, please contact me directly.

Regards, John Isherwood.

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