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In the April Model Rail, the Q&A column contains some advice on a partial
repaint of a Lima 47. The answer says to rubdown, degrease and prepare the
surface properly before applying the new colour.
Pardon my ignorance, and all that, but what does "rubdown" actually mean?
And would you be able to prepare the surface without spoiling the adjacent
On a related point, if I attempted a partial painting of the warning panel
yellow on Lima diesels, would any preparation be necessary, since there's no
actual overpainting? And what about underframe weathering, which again would
be paint applied to bare plastic.
Thanks for any advice.
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Stuart Smith
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For what you are doing the 'degreasing' is the most important bit. As others say some wet and dry to take the shine off will do, although anything abrasive should will work. BTW don't forget to check your supply of front end detailing and transfers as applicable.
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I find wet and dry (carborundum paper) to rough for plastic - even the 1000 grade. Much better to use levelling paste from a car finishing materials suppliers. I think Halfords stock it. BUT it does need a good de-greasing afterwards.
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Ken Parkes

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