Model Rail shops in North Norfolk ?

Our sons has asked to go to Sheringham this year for our family
holiday to be near the The North Norfolk Railway @ Sheringham.
It's a few years since we visited the area but I do recall a
specialist model shop down an alleyway at the Market end of town and
the Post Office always had a good selection of Hornby stuff ... does
anyone know if they still exist ?
Thinking about it many sub post offices in the area used to stock a
selection of Hornby or other railway models as a side line to the
stamps etc. That was some 30 years ago, many of the sub post offices
have closed and those that remain don't even stock a smile :-( Why
did these sub post masters carry this particular side line ?
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Dragon Heart
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My guess is the 100% markup. Even if they sold only a few items each month it was a useful extra income.
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There used to be a model railway shop on the platform at Sheringham but this was a couple of years ago so I dont know if its still there - was quite good for bits and pieces if I remember. There was/is a shop in th emain street of sheringham too which sells railway stuff, but I have to say that I wasnt impressed with them at all.
Moggie Minor
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"John Firth" wrote
Oh I don't know - the National Railway Museum in York allegedly sell Hornby way ABOVE recommended retail price.
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John Turner
There is still a model shop extant at Hunstanton, although I can't comment on what it carries
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Keith J Patrick
last time I was in Kings Lynn there was a decent model shop down one of the streets off the main shopping area. Had a very good range of stock at the time, about 3 or 4 years ago if my memory serves me right. Badger.
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It is still there and seems to try to carry a wide-ish range of stock in a small shop with (inevitably) not a lot of customers out of season.
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Brian Watson
Good range of stock held from all the usual suppliers, including some limited-run items.
Nice bloke owns it - named David Boldero I think.
Very helpful, and will get in anything that he doesn't have when you call.
Worth a call to the town to weep over what's been done with the station site and to get some of the best fish 'n chips in Norfolk.
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Brian Watson
Are they "Norfolk 'n' good"?
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You will be hearing from our Newcastle solicitors Hadaway, Hadway & Shiteman for breach of the Old Jokes Act 2003 for use of the this joke :)
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That was an actual slogan approved by Norfolk County Council. Suffolk came up with "Suffolk and Proud"!
Like the furniture shop that advertised "Our prices are Sofa King low."
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Not THAT bad; "Suffolk 'n good" more accurately describes 'em, despite their location.
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Brian Watson

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