New blue Class 31 - weathered!

Unfortunately, judging from the pictures here:

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...the blue skinhead Hornby Class 31 is another weathered one. The Hornby website does not indicate that this one is weathered. How disappointing (rather like my own efforts at weathering, but anyway....).

However, the chassis looks a bit UN-weathered to me!



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Stuart Smith
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"Stuart Smith" wrote

Yes, we got stock of these today and I can confirm that they have some brown paint sprayed over the underframe & Rail blue paintwork. Whether you would class that as weathering is very subjective - personally I think it's just a mess.


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John Turner

Thanks for the tip anyway Stu. I have been hanging on for a BR blue skinhead 31.

It would be nice to unpack a BR blue diesel, put it in on the track and run it. WITHOUT having to modify it, correct errors, fit lights etc etc.

Cheers Phil

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