Not that it really needs to be said ...

But the usual good service has just been received from one of our regular
posters hearabouts. Although putting in a flyer for the Hull show was just
a tad optimistic considering where I live ... :-)
Thanks John, arrived safe and sound today exactly as ordered.
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Chris Wilson
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What date is the Hull show? I am in Grimsby the week after next, perhaps I could pop over if it is on then.
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Edward Bray
"Edward Bray" wrote in news:c8P5f.58610$
Sorry SWMBO has already "filed" away the flyer. I'm sure John knows, try a new thread if he doesn't see this.
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Chris Wilson
"John Turner" wrote in news:dj8j2s$vno$
Yup just found it, 12th and 13th ... looks like around 18 - 19 layouts ... good selection of trade stands and it appears Bachmann will be putting in an appearance.
Costello Stadium, Anlaby Park Road North.
Looks like it'll be a good show ... much to far for me though. :-( Quite fancy having a little face to face chat with the chaps from MSE.
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Chris Wilson
There's a possibility I might be able to make that!
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OK, the next question then is what sort of things should be looking for? I don't want to be scared off by all the detail that these guys have got on their layouts, but I want to learn.
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Carl Inglis
Come and say hello and have a chat if you like.
I'll (most likely) be the guy doing the computer control on Charlotte Road (P4, Southern Steam + Diesel)
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David Skipsey

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