Political Railway Joke

Went to Butterley the other day and was told this joke.
It's coming up to the next General Election and Gordon Brown's
publicity team decide it would be a good idea for him to travel the UK
by train..
They visit the National Railway Museum to discuss hiring a suitable
locomotive. The curators at the museum walk around showing the
publicity team what they could hire.
What about this one The Mallard ?, it still holds the speed record
for a steam locomotive ........ " but it's blue ! " cry the
publicity team.
What about this one Battle of Britain class 'Winston Churchill' or
Lord Nelson ?
One of the publicity team see another loco " What about that one ? "
The curators look at each other and agree they can have the loco on
hire but they needed to remove an 'F' from the name plate. " What's
the name of the loco ? " the publicity team ask.
The Flying Scotsman !
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So sorry about that but I try to be kind to those dim Internet trolls who listen in from time to time, they have great difficulty with the concept of humour never mind understanding the joke, however predictable it is !
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