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What an extremely strange message, totally inapropriate for this newsgroup. Indeed, a classic example of how _not_ to get a message across.

First, the poster starts of with a blatant and very obvious lie, claiming to be the newsgroup moderator. This is an unmoderated newsgroup so this person cannot be as he claims. If he is prepared to start off by lying about his identity, what else is he lying about?

Secondly, he has posted in html which just comes across as disconnected gibberish on my, and I believe, many other, newsreaders. Its also against the newsgroup charter, as anyone who claims to be the moderator should know.

Thirdly, this is not a political newsgroup.

Fourthly, he has not researched his audience very well. He seems to have some gripe about the USA yet posts here to a newsgroup with UK in its title.

I, for one will just be ignoring him.

Alex. W. Stirrat

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Sorry. What's this all about.

Have I missed something?

-- David Smith. Copthorne. West Sussex. UK

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David Smith

In message , AlStirrat writes

It's spam. I've seen it in other groups.

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John Sullivan

"David Smith"

I guess it was a spam/junk multigroup twaddle posting which our ISP has the decency to flter - and then some chap responds and makes us aware of it. :-(


also freeserve

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Ken Wilson


Luckily my ISP is pretty good at spotting spam so I don't have to ignore him. His post never made it onto their server :-)

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I had black spot on my wagons in the loft...some type of fungus!!!! Bleach sorted the prob....

Dave M

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David Miller

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