silent calls problem

This is the probably the last day for you to contact OFCOM
with your views on silent calls.
Ofcom wants to hear what citizens think about its new policy
against Silent Calls - BEFORE 9 JANUARY 2006.
I have prepared a guide for the benefit of those who may be
looking to contribute to the Ofcom consultation on the new
Silent Calls Policy that was introduced on 31 October 2005.
I hope this will be found to be useful by those who are deeply
interested in this matter or who are simply following the
It is available in MS-Word, HTML and PDF formats.
I encourage anyone who feels strongly about my campaign,
negatively or positively to contact me.
David L Hickson
80A Beaumont Road
W4 5AH
Tel: 020 8723 9756
Tel: 020 8994 4372
Thank you
David Hickson

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Silent Calls Victim
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On 06/01/2006 15:05, Wolf Kirchmeir said,
These are where automatic call centre dialers phone you up, but when you answer it there is no-one there because there are insufficient staff at the call centre to actually take the call that their own dialer initiated!
Meanwhile, this campaign seems to have passed me by until now :-(
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Paul Boyd
They changed the law in the US to stop that.
But what's happening now is voicemail spam that holds your line for the duration even if you put the phone down. I'm pretty sure this is illegal because a user has to be able to dial 911 (or 999 in the UK) in an emergency.
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Christopher A. Lee
In message , John Turner writes
A hell of a lot if you find that your pride and joy - the large layout up in the loft upon which you have lavished so much care and attention for years is on fire :0)
No doubt the originator might even claim a somewhat tenuous connection - model locos, and firemen.
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In message , Paul Boyd writes
I don't suffer from this at all, because after I got really annoyed with one particular unwanted anonymous (i.e. their phone number was withheld) sales call, I got my telephone supplier to stop all anonymous calls coming through. IIRC, all these automatic call centres withhold their numbers.
If you want to talk to me on the phone, you had better not withhold your telephone number, because if you do you won't get through.
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Jane Sullivan
Simply registering your phone number with the telephone preference service generally stops this sort of thing. - Worked for me :-)
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"Malcolm" wrote
Works for me in the main but doesn't seem to stop the railway & model magazines ringing to try & sell advertising space!
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John Turner
No, you have to go one step further. From the Telephone Preference Service web site:
"If you have been troubled by calls where the phone rings but on answering there is no one there, you may wish to register your number on the Silent Callgard Service on 0870 4443969.
These calls are generated by automatic dialling equipment which dial more numbers than there are operators available to take the calls. "
However, this will not stop the foreign-based gambling rust-bucket merchants. Also from the TPS web site:
"If you are receiving unsolicited sales and marketing voice recorded messages down your telephone line, and you have not given prior consent to receive such messages, you can ask the marketer to stop sending these.
They are legally obliged to act upon your request.
However if you are still receiving such calls (or it is not possible to ask the company to stop sending these types of messages) you can complain directly to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO). They are the government body responsible for enforcing the regulations."
Unfortunately the ICO is unlikely to have much impact on international criminal organisations! If you aren't getting these calls, it just means that the robots haven't reached the combination of digits in your number. Although some people suspect that they are actually using the telephone preference list as the source of numbers to dial!
Cheers, Steve
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Steve W
I've recently seen it suggested that Hospitals use the multi-dialling technique when contacting patients at home - the writer pointed out that your hip replacement might be delayed if the hospital call to offer you a bed at short notice was blocked.
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Ken Parkes
In message , Malcolm writes
No it doesn't. I've been registered with TPS for absolutely ages. Aggressive marketing companies ignore TPS.
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Jane Sullivan
I registered for the TPS about four years ago. For me, cold sales calls have dropped from about 3 a week to maybe 1 a year. Obviously different people are having different experiences with it.
I'm with the OP - it's worked for me. I'd advise anyone in the UK to signup:
formatting link
Cheers, Martyn
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M Roberts
Then if they fall within the remit of the TPS and simply are ignoring your choice, take down the company details and report it to the TPS and see what they do
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