worst diesel/electric livery

While we are on the subject of favourite liveries, what about your least
favourite (i.e. worst) livery.
I had occasion to forsake my usual stamping ground last Thursday, and
took a trip from Liverpool Street to Ipswich. I was utterly amazed that
one of the privatized railway companies (viz. "one") has the utter brass
nerve to put out several (I think they were 4-car) electric multiple
units in an overall dirty dull grey colour, relieved only by the spindly
lettering of the company's name in a sort of purple shade.
It looked totally hideous, and was IMNSHO an appalling advertisement for
the company.
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Jane Sullivan
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"Jane Sullivan" wrote While we are on the subject of favourite liveries, what about your least favourite (i.e. worst) livery.
Hmm. I would go for the One livery with the refrshers stripe. Too bland. Never struck on the First Barbie (The recent swirly logo) or the box yellow of the Infrastrucure as painted on the electric and class 31.
Never that impressed with the Intercity Executive as applied to some locos (class 47) but it looked better on the 37 ?? Odd I know.
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Andy Sollis CVMRD
Despite the fact that it was the dominant style in my trainspotting days, I feel no nostalgia at all for plain BR blue with full yellow ends. I hated it then and I hate it now. It was a bad livery becase it was a particularly dreary shade and because it was applied in doctrinaire one-size-fits all manner with complete disregard to the individual lines of particular classes. The yellow ends utterly ruined the looks of the Warships; the only class that looked good in blue was the Westerns (I think because they had scarcely any area surrounding their cab windows to which yellow paint could be applied).
That said, some of the early green diesel liveries looked awful too; the huge ungainly bulk of a Peak in drab green looked utterly dreary. I guess the BR design people recognised this when they devised the excellent two-tone green styles for Brush 4's, Deltics, Hymeks etc.
I also hate the dismal and oppressive EWS red livery.
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I second that, I always assumed that the head or BR had shares in a blue pigment company. Rail blue was aweful.
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I have to agree there. It was a style which looked awful on everything it was applied to (slapped onto, more like..) but was particularly awful when used to deface a Deltic. What had been a rather impressively massive machine became naught but an amorphous blue blob. The colour also weathered in a particularly unbecoming manner.
Raifreight triple-grey wasn't too bad - though probably only because it mimicked the lightness/darkness distribution of the two-tone green colours. Uninspiring, but adequate. Loadhaul black/orange was just plain hideous, though. That would probably be my choice as the worst of the worst.
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Andrew Robert Breen
Are we allowed to mention USA prototypes? I totally despise the newish Amtrak "three sheets to the wind" logo that has the tipped-over rectangle look. It looks like a cross between the Microsoft Windows emblem and the Reebok emblem.
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Then there was the "Yellow Ocean Waves" Florida Fun Train....
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