autodark bifocals and autodark hood combo ... hey, ernie

I have darkening bifocals. And I have a NexGen. I am running it at a 9 shade now. If I am out in the sun, and my bifocals get dark, should I go lighter on the NexGen? Doing 1/8" 7018, but do a lot of MIG, .030" with CO2.

I don't want to go too light.

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Remember that the NexGen (and other auto-darks) provide full UV and IR protection at all times and all settings. The worst that will happen if you go too light is a bit of eye strain, not any damage.

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Pete C.

The added benefit of the darkening glasses - if the auto-darks are to light you will auto darken - but it takes a while.

Begs a question - are they dark or partially after welding ?

Since you have automatic testing in the glasses.


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Martin H. Eastburn

The darkening glasses respond to UV - UV which is blocked by the welding lenses. If they are darkening when worn under your welding helmet, you have a problem, possibly with UV leaking under the helmet where you might need a neck shield.

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Pete C.

Personally..Ive got correction lenses in all of my hoods. Now my vision isnt too bad, can function without correction..but I got a bit far sighted after the stroke.

My primary helmet is an Optrel Satellite, a gift from a guy who cant weld anymore

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Ive talked to a lot of guys who simply cannot weld with bifocals and do as I do..put in correction lenses inside their helmets.

I use one lightweight helmet with stronger correction in it for TIG, but the rest of them use 1.5 lenses

" WeldingWeb Foreman Join Date: Jan 2008 Posts: 630 Re: What OA eye protection do you welders with glasses use? My vote would be to ditch the glasses, and use headgear that has the corrective lens built right it to it. You can get the corrective lens from any welding shop and they are the same size as the filter. I have had many students that wear bifocals or glasses in general do much better when they arent fighting image distortion and depth perception issues of wearing glasses and goggles seperately. "

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