broken gear tooth

I just bought a metal lathe (South Bend) and it has a broken tooth
on one of the main drive gears I believe it is cast steel. Can I build it up
with my TIG ? What kind of filler? Yes I know that it will have to be
pre/post heated. In the past I have had good results using Stainless Steel
filler (316) on steel.
thanks, terry
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Terry Kangas
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I have done these repairs with brazing rather than any sort of welding. It is much easier to cut the tooth form afterward on a shaper or milling machine. 309 or 312 is a better choice since you are welding on carbon steel. As long as you are satisfied with the difficult machining of stainless it certainly will work.
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I agree with the previous reply, Brazing will make cutting new teeth much easier. Brass teeth should last a lot of years even under industrial production ues.
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Its very common to drill and tap for bolts the same size as the base of the tooth..usually 2-3 bolts/screws and then profile them with a file.
You can at that point either fill (Cover) them with braze or run them as is.
The SB lath isnt very highly straight brazing works ok. I think Id be careful about which braze material Id use though...something tougher than normal might be better. Phosphor or silicon bronze perhaps...nickle/silver would be good.
Keep in mind..some of those gears are cast iron, others are actually steel.
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Gunner Asch
I'd use bronze brazing. A bit stronger than brass. It is also standard in coated bronze rods that are small. It attaches nicely to steel - I use thin bronze rod to attach some fingernail size targets.
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