Looking for HTS-2000 in No. CA area

I've researched brazing aluminum and settled on HTS-2000. Problem for me is
that I don't need very much and the direct-only-sales price of $65 plus
shipping is a bit steep in that I will not use most of the materials after
this one small DIY job.
I'd be willing to buy a small quantity of the rods from someone local.
I'm in San Jose but travel all over the SF bay area.
e-mail me at sparkyguy442 at oohay.com (and reverse the "oohay").
And what's the "tinning brush"? Looks like just a stainless brush. Is there
more to it? ::
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You can get small quantities from ebay. Higher price per rod. Brush is regular ss. Same as the kind used for the other zinc rods.....Paul
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Doh! I knew that... ;-)
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