Help! Need instruction manuals.

Greetings, I just won (?) a kit on ebay and bought two others from the same guy and all three arrived without any instruction manuals. One was a Great Planes and I was able to download the manual. The other two are obsolete and old (like me) but I thought I'd give this forum a try. One is a "Sort-a-Scale" Peashooter 40 and the other is an Ace Whiz 40. Any chance someone here has the instruction manual? They did have the plans so if nothing else I've got a challenge on my hands. Thanks,


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Did you buy these kits knowing that the manuals were missing?

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I don't know how old your kits are but in the "OLD DAYS" plans were all you got. Construction manuals came along later.

Dan Thompson (AMA 32873, EAA 60974, WB4GUK, GROL) remove POST in address for email

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Dan Thompson

Dan is correct......... construction manuals are a 'modern thing'. I've got several kits from the 1970's, and none have manuals. Some have minumal instructions on the plans.


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David AMA40795 / KC5UH

Indeed. We never had them....everything was written on the plans. I purchased a 1/4 scale PA12 kit a while back that was produced just as instruction manuals started to be included. There are about 3 trees in the box and a manual which is 4"X6" and has 5 pages as follows: "Build the wing. Build the fuse. Build the tail. Cover it. Don't fly near power lines." Or pretty close to that anyway!

Weren't the good old days fun? Gord Schindler MAAC6694

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Gord Schindler

Weren't the good old days fun?

Sure were, they separated the brighter kids from the drones. A kit with plans was considered a luxury when you were use to scaling up magazine plans on butcher paper and building from that.

Red S.

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Red Scholefield

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