Lanier Fire Sale at Tower Hobbies

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Tower Hobbies is giving away free hats and deeply discounting a lot of
Lanier products right now.
Some of the highlights are:
-Lanier assembled flight box (unpainted) for $14.99 w/ free hat
-Lanier Razor 3D ARFs for $99.99 w/ free hat
-Lanier Radical 330 profile ARF $69.99 w/ free hat
-Lanier Stinger 40 ARF $79.99 w/ free hat
There are kits large and small as well as ARFs large and small that are
steeply discounted. Lanier just recently introduced a Folker DVII EP and an
SE5a EP that are direct competitors to some new Great Planes Electrifly
ARFs. Tower has them discounted almost 50% at $49.99 each.
Even if you hate Lanier products, how bad can it be to get a field box and a
free hat for 64% off?
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Ed Paasch
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was just looking at those. That Radical 330 looks alot like the Carl Goldberg 330 Extreme I had. Could it be the same plane? It's well worth that money if so. mk
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Lanier bought Goldberg a few years ago before being acquired by Great Planes. It's quite possible they're the same.
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Ed Paasch

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