Tower Hobbies .75 engine

I just started my .75 Tower Hobbies for the first time today. Very tight at
first but loosed up, runs ok at 3/4 - full throttle but can't get it to idle.
Looking in the instructions it sez to turn the idle mixture screw to attain a
gap it and the spray nozzle. Looking into the carburetor all i see is what
looks like the spray bar going all the way to the other side of the
carburetor. The idle mixture screw does nothing. Is something screwed up with
this carburetor?I see no gap, just what looks like the spray bar(brass rod)
going all the way to the othe side..
thanks for any help with this engine, i am not familiar with it...
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Should have bought a GMS same engine but with a better Carb. $85.00 with the shipping.
Open the throttle wide open then back out the low end (idle) screw until you see a 1/8'' gap between the end of the spray bar and the end of the idle screw.
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Should idle fine once it's broken in.
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You have the idle mixture screw turned in so far that it's inside the spray bar. Take the advice of O4U2P "Open the throttle wide open then back out the low end (idle) screw until you see a 1/8'' gap between the end of the spray bar and the end of the idle screw." I have this motor on my 60 size trainer and it runs great and pulls real strong. They are some of the tightest motors you'll find when brand new, but they loosen up real quick. The only problem you might encounter as many others have with this motor is not being able to shut down when the throttle is completely closed. There is probably an air leak somewhere on these motors, I guess. These are not the finest motors out there, but a reasonable price for a decent motor.Good luck with it. Howard
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thanks for responding to my post. Last night i took the carburetor completely apart and found that the brass bar is machined into the carburetor bowl. I took out the idle mixture screw and the i guess what's called the spray bar, they fit inside this brass bar that goes across the bowl. My OS engine, I see the gap between the spray bar and idle mixture screw, this is a weird carburetor, i can get it to run, but not very good, not good enough to fly yet. I don't see in my instructions on the engine who to contact for questions, do you happen to know? have you had to contact TH for you .60 engine? I'm glad yours is running well..I'm not so sure i'll get another one...
"Howard" wrote:
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There was a review of the Tower .75 in the latest RC Report. May be helpful to you.
John VB
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