RCU "you can link product directly to your post"

This is absolutely amazing and shows how clueless RCU is. They want their
USER's to become a shill for their advertisers.
Like I said, amazing!.. and it's getting worse than we thought it was going
to be.
Cut and pasted from RCU:
"When you start a new thread at the top there is a checkbox that says "Check
here if you want to link this post to a product throughout the site.". If
you check it off then after you post a popup will allow you to associate
that thread to a product in our product guide, other discussion threads on
the product, classifieds/auctions, reviews, mag reviews and more. Next time
you post a new thread try it if you are starting a thread on a particular
product. We have 1000's of items already in our guide for you to link to.
RC Universe "
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even more amazing- All the things I am subscribed to send me not only a "joe loosestik has responded" e-mail, but the ENTIRE TEXT of how he responded... Whadda joke!
MJC wrote:
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roger guinn
Youre right. The new site is well done. Having the link to the product in a related thread is very convenient. RCU's new site has apparently been designed by some savvy folks. Ensures it will stay a very popular site.
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Oh, I get it. You're the one guy on the planet who actually _enjoys_ being on spam email lists and telephone call marketing lists because you're so lonely, and you are really tickled when 60% of your monitor is taken up by ads and routinely by a full page pop-over ad. I get it now. But tell me, what planet ARE you from?
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