Re: Engine Recommendation for Hangar-9 Showtime

DPM bipe...What engine do you have in your DPM bipe? I have a YS 12
in mine and feel like it is underpowered. I agree it flies reall
well, but I want some more power.
Also to you guys who are flying Saito engines..what nitro fuel are yo
I hear that you have to use 30% fuel for reliability. Is this correct
Fred Dings, I
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Fred Dings, II
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On Tue, 5 Dec 2006 09:46:08 -0600, Fred Dings, II wrote in :
I've used only synthetic 15% in my .91s and my 1.80.
I am burning up some 10% castor blend from an estate, too.
I haven't heard that.
I don't want to hear it.
The 1.80 drinks fuel like an alcoholic. :o)
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Martin X. Moleski, SJ
A happy alcoholic at that!
I have heard that more RPM's can be gotten from the higher nitro fuels with the big Saito's. That being said, I have had absolutly no problem of any sort related to fuels with any of my Saito's on (real) 10% home brew but YMMV.
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The Showtime is a real light-weight so I'm installing either a OS 120 Surpass or the YS 110Z in mine, with a APC 15-4W or 16-4W, whichever pulls better vertically.
My Saitos love the same fuel as the YS'....use 20-20
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Harry Kolomyjec
I have run 15% nitro fuels in all of my four strokes (OS, YS, Saito, & Enya) for over 15 years with no problems whatsoever.
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