Re: Walbro carb problem

What are the 2 nipples for? One is for fuel obviously, but what about the
>other? Walbro's site is no help and I can't find any info on the net.
For starters, please don't post binary files here since it is by
definition a text only news group. Better to post the binary in the
binaries group and post a note here. That's
The Walbro site isn't very intuitive, that much is certain.
At the Walbro home page, click on "Service & Aftermarket", then click
on "Aftermarket Parts & Service", then click on the button in the
upper right corner "Click to browse by Walbro number".
Then in the list "Select the Series for your part :", click on
That's your carb, BTW. Says so right there in the photo.
I would hazard a guess that the second nipple is the atmospheric vent
for the backside of the diaphragm, but having the parts breakdown and
list should make it a lot easier to figure out.
Fred McClellan
the dash plumber at mindspring dot com
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Fred McClellan
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If your carb has a "primer" bulb on it, the second line should be routed back to the tank so that excess fuel, once the carb is full from pushing the primer bulb, will return to the tank.
BTW, if you go to your local small engine shop (chain saw, lawn mower, etc) they will have a part number and can order up a Walbro carb repair manual for you. I got mine many years ago, but it was just a few bucks. Took all the mystery out of how these carbs work and, therefore, made troubleshooting much easier.
Good luck, Tom
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Tom Minger

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