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Hello all- I visited the Servo City dot com web site last week and placed an order for some odds & ends for a project that I have in the works. They offer secure ordering through the web site, and that is a good thing. I placed my order and the next day received email stating that several of the items were back-ordered and that those items had been out of stock 'for some time now'. The problem I have is that when I selected what I wanted to buy, right next to the 'ADD TO SHOPPING CART' box, all of the items were shown to be 'IN STOCK'. I was never given any information when those items would be available. Frustrated, I cancelled my order with Servo City. I have ordered the items from another vendor--via the web.

-- KayCee Foamie Experimentation Engineer

PS: I work at night an am unavailable during the day PPS: That was a week ago and the same items show that they are 'IN STOCK'. PPPS: Servo City--please update your web real time.

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On 4/22/2004 9:47 PM Ted shuffled out of his cave and grunted these great (and sometimes not so great) words of knowledge:

You may want to try

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I have had excellent results with them and their prices are very competitive with Servo City.

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Ted Campanelli

Although so far I am batting 1000 with Servo City, and I get a lot of stuff from them, I have had this experience with other vendors, where the web site does not do a very good job of keeping accurate stock. It's very annoying to find out after the fact that your items are unnavailable for immediate shipping. I hope this doesn't become a Servo City trend, I like them!

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Frank Costa

It is frustrating and can be a problem. One thing is for sure, if a company has website make sure it is updated and accurate! However, other companies have the same issues.

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I just made a purchase from an outfit that only deals via their webpage and all of their prices were out of date as well! When I recieved my order, it almost went back, but I needed everything. I won't be purchasing again from them real soon


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balsa products site is down or their out of business.

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It's working now.

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