Super Cub kit?

I think I'll build a Super Cub over the winter. I've done a few searches but haven't found anything in the .65 motor range (80" wing?).... I don't want to get much bigger than this for $$ and transportation reasons.

Can anyone give me a name or two of sources for a super cub kit in this size range? . Arne, CT, USA .

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I think they have one that size.

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I am in the process of redesigning my 80"Super Cub kit. The files hav

been sent to the laser cutter and I'm pacing back and forth as w speak. The plane will have greater scale detailing like the fuselage door an wing mounted landing lights. More wing ribs with the subribs and L sheet have also been added. The main purpose of the redesign was t shed some weight but only time will tell. I expect it will come i about 3 pounds with out any radio or drive system.


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