When you make a "note" or "text" or "annotation" layer do you group it
with the type of plan it will be in? For example would you name your
"text,note, anno" layers A-RCP-ANNO, A-SITE-ANNO and A-ELECT-ANNO
etc.... So they are grouped with each type of plan they are in... or do
you prefer all the annotation layers to be grouped together in layer
manager example A-ANNO-RCP, A-ANNO-SITE, A-ANNO-ELECT.
please state your preference and why.
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Take a look at AIA CAD Layer Format at the link following:
formatting link

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S. Scalise
To me layering is primarily about controlling visibility. The situation where I want to display a group of layers WITH the annotation related to them is far more frequent than that where I want to see ALL the annotation on a drawing or not, so I use the first hierarchical approach. Of course, with the right wildcards, either will work, so we're not talking about very serious differences of opinion on this matter.
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Michael Bulatovich

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