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Hi- I'm sure i'm missing something very simple but I have a thing that
annoys me a little. is there a setting somewhere that makes
dimensions "un snappable"? ex- when placing my dimensions, there are
times when it gets pretty crowded and I accidentally will begin a
dimension on what looks like the endpoint of a line, but in fact it
snaps on the endpoint of a dimension leader instead, which then gives
me the wrong dimension. and to look at it, it does not look like
anything is wrong because the leaders appear to be coming off of the
endpoint or whatever. I know i could increase the gap from where the
leaders/arrows are placed but sometimes it does not matter. I just
wonder why autocad allows dimensions to be, well, dimensioned? that
would be like doing a project and dimensioning from the edge of the
paper to the center of the widget, as if it mattered....
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This may be a simplistic answer. I think it is related to Snap options. When snapping to an object, the program looks for the largest object. I have had this same thing happen to me too. Windowing in a little closer will make it easier to select the object to snap to. S.S.
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S. Smith
It's sort of a pain but if you already have a dimension at the endpoint of a line use "node" and it would select the def point of the dimension.
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Patrick Hughes

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