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Been using PDF995 for ages, but they have decided to start charging for it,
so instead of paying for something I can get for free I have decided to move
over to PDFCreator. My question is, can I rotate my drawing? I never could
in PDF995 which was a bit annoyin but I got used to it, aparently it's
possible to rotate drawings using creator, I have tried a few things like
rotating to landscape in audocad, which only rotates the paper in the PDF
and not the actual drawing. I have also gone into creator and turned
Autorotate off under pdf options because its automatically set to rotate
single pages. This didn't help either, is there anything else I can try?
any help on this will be greatly apreciated
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Remo Shiva
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come on ppl, i know someone in here knows the answer.
You holdin out on me?
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Remo Shiva
A workaround maybe. I use the 'Publish' command instead of 'Print' (assuming you're using ACAD 2004 or newer) and it prints the files correctly to PDFCreator.
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I'm on 2005, thanks for that, I'll give it a go :)
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Remo Shiva

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