plotting question

HI all,
When I plot on my machine color 13 plots as a 25% screening (very light)
when I plot on boss's maching, it plots solid (black)
anyone know why?
we both use 2000
both have same ctb file
both have same plotter setting
he has xp and I'm on 98
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Someone may have altered the ctb file on their machine. Copy the one on the machine that is performing the way you want and paste it into the plot styles folder of the other machine. (but first SAVE the copy of the file "not working right" it may be right for a different job!)
hth bds
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Brian Spillane
"jojo" wrote in news:a_Znf.33624$q%.
I'd say driver differences, my DJ600 is like that, I have had to keep a '98/Me machine with copy of (acad) just for plotting duty... The XP driver was never up to standard for an older plotter I guess. So glad to see it go, new DJ1055cm has just arrived ! ! ! ! Grey tones from solid hatching and plot stamp are back working !!! Ron
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