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I am unable to plot an image in Acad 2000 to a HP 7580 plotter.

Is it possible to plot an image?

Can I convert it to another format and then plot?

Any comments would be appreciated.


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Is the image in your drawing?? Chuck

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Chuck Fleming


I inserted the image in a new page.

It is the only item on the page.

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Isn't the 7580 a *pen* plotter?

If you check, I believe that images aren't possible on that device (see the AutoCAD plotter setup information). You'll need to plot to a "raster compatible" output device. ___

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Paul Turvill

The plotter and plot driver must support plotting images. Pen plotters won't support images at all. Autocad only sees the image as a bunch of pixels (even if the image looks like linework).

You could trace the linework into autocad, or use a vectorization program to do the same (such as WinTopo).


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Tim Arheit

The problem may be your plotter...HP 7850 is a Pen plotter therefore Vector Format -- You need a Raster Plotter for Images and not all Raster Plotters print images

Scott Brackstone Cartographic Drafting

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Scott Brackstone

You need the driver for your plotter set-up in autocad. XP Driver if using XP and so on. Ed Spearman

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ed spearman

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