protected drawing

i want to give away an autocad drawing, which the other person should be
able to see in autocad.
but he should not be able to use it for further working, nor should he be
able to copy things out.
i want to show him my work, and if he likes it, i can send him the original
Autocad 2000
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Karin Bessert
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Why does he need to "see it in AutoCAD"? Send him a PDF or a DWF; that way he can "see it" using a commonly used viewer, and *then* if he likes it you can send him the .dwg file. ___
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Paul Turvill
Try deter.vlx. You might find it on one of the cad sites. It minserts the entire drawing or specified parts. It's also free.
Surely there is a way to get around this but the average person probably won't know how.
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Hi a realy safe way is if you "plot" the drawing to DXF format , --- you just type dxfout. Then you open a new drawing and type dxfin and import the drawingname.dxf you just made , now save that drawing and send that, it will be out of scale even he can se the intire drawing, it will be plain flat as with "flattern" , it will be useless for anything but lineart.
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What a crock of misinformation! ___
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Paul Turvill
A lot of work to still end up with line work. Just make a PDF or a DWF and go on about your day.
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Paul Turvill a écrit :
Indeed. This is more a description of the "old" DXB output we have here!
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