Raster Image Woes

Our genious IT department has decided to move things around on our
network. We have 30000+ AutoCAD 14 dwgs. Many of those drawings have
linked raster images on them. When they reorganize our network, the
link to the images will be broken. Is there a way to change the link
to a raster image without opening the dwgs, or in a batch format. It
may be that we just have to change the drive letter in the link, not
the entire path. So instead of f:\images\xxxx it might end up being
Anyone have any ideas
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The command line version of the IMAGE command has a PATH prompt to redirect the path of an image.
Using lisp you could scan the drawing database for images, create a list of image names to redirect, and then feed that list to a command call to the above command in a loop. Depending on the version, the path of an image can be found with something like:
(cdr(assoc 1(entget(cdr(assoc 340 (entget(car(entsel))))))))
(Except that you wouldn't be picking the item.) Then you could manipulate the string in the usual way to get the name you want, and feed that to the command.
Using a script, you could apply your lisp to all of your drawings in one shot, or you could put it in a startup routine.
So the answer is yes, it can be done by someone with some expertise. Maybe the guys who moved them should give it a whirl?
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Michael Bulatovich

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