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I have about 100 pinned Sargent cylinders and cores with keyways such as KA, KB, KC and KE. A group of 50 of these are keyed/pinned but use an undetermined keyway. Is there a KD keyway?

I also have 50 brand new cores that might use KF key but I am not sure. The box has KF hand written on it. So I believe I need a KF key to check with and then begin the process of repinning them.

I have tried several local locksmiths but they simply don't seem to know.

Any input will be appreciated.

Bob AZ

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Bob AZ
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I am unfamiliar with the "K" series, but if sargent is true to form, what you have is a series of cylinders for an large apt. house, hotel or office.

They created a stepped series of masters by changing the wards of the keys slightly.

Lets say you have a floor with three offices. You can use the A, B, C cores on each door. They would be pinned alike, but the A key won't fit in the B cylinder. The janitor has a "D" key. The "D" key will fit in the A,B, and C cylinders and acts as a pass key.

Take a look at:

formatting link
this will give you an idea of the tree.

Most of these keys aren't manufactured anymore. Usually with these sort of sets they still make blanks of some of the masters (because they will fit many cylinders)

To open the "F" cylinder, you will need either an F, H, DH, HM or N key.

You might be able to have them custom cut. At 50 cylinders it might not be that expensive.

Paul K. Dickman

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Paul K. Dickman

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