Universal Robot Gripper

One of the problems with robots is that there really is no good universal gripper. Each application requires special grippers and end of arm tooling.

Here is a simple solution that uses a latex balloon, ground coffee, and a little vacuum.

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In a similar vein, Iemca showed a magazine bar loader at IMTS that requires no channels (liner sets) in order to accomodate a wide range of bar diameters.

The bar loader uses magnetic rheological fluid in place of channels. Magnetic rhelogical fluid becomes more viscous in the presence of a magnetic field. Basically the bar loader creates its own channel via a magnetic field being applied to make the MRF nearly solid.

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D Murphy
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Interesting concept, I have seen a similar application used in a broken bone splint used by emergency response personnel. It consists of a flat bag (they come in several sizes) which is wrapped around the member to be immobilized, secured with Velcro straps. A vacuum is created with a hand pump and the vermiculite particles inside the bag coalesce to form a secure grip.

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T.Alan Kraus

That's pretty badass actually. It's not just a nigrig, it's well thought out. I give them a thumbs up for thinking outside the box. Imagine what it could do after industry tweaks if for a decade.

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