Any idea what "straps across" may mean ?

Hello, I have been reading an electrical manual in English, but written by a Swede. I found a phrase:

"Contact which straps acros the lock contact".

I could not find "to strap across" in any dictionary. Do you know what the author meant? That the contact is parallel to the lock contact ??

TIA, Tomasz / Poland

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It doesn't sound like english either but here is my guess. They mean it is the contact that completes the lock circuit. Maybe a little more of the context would help.

"Strap" sometimes refers to the flat metal spring a contact point would be mounted on in a switch or relay.

"Strap" can also be a connection on a terminal strip. When you "strap" a modem it means you are putting in jumpers or setting switches that configure it.

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Straps is also a term used for the cables between 2 way light switches

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