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I have recently introduced my 6 year old son to the world of lego technic after bringing my old sets back from my farthers house. The problem I have, is that I purchased an incomplete set (8440) for him from e-bay with the ailm of completing it so that we could build it.

The parts I am having real trouble finding is the Technic Flex-System Cable. part no. 342c01. I have tried bricklink with no luck (although I did manage to find the rest of the parts i needed to complete the set). Does anybody know where I might be able to get these parts from (I am in the UK but don't min'd searching internationally if needed).

Alternatively, does anybody know of anything I can use as an alternative? The cars that you can build don't go very far without wheels!



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Trev Dawson
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Have you tried Lego customer service? They were able to supply missing parts for an older incomplete set I got from ebay.

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Ken Rice

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