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I bought a video game machine recently at a storage unit auction and it has a cam lock. Can someone provide some info on how to remove this cam cylinder in order to replace it with a new one. Having to replace because there is no key to the machine. Thanks for your assistance!

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Craig Missildine
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If the lock has a number on the front of it, then call your local locksmith shop, and give them the number. For only a couple of bucks, they might be able to give you the key to it.

Just a suggestion


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your local locksmith

bucks, they might

Jack, a key by code will most definatly be more than "a couple of bucks"... prices may very...


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First you need to get into the cabinet; Once open the body of the lock will be held in place by a nut or a clip.

The most direct way is to pick it. A locksmith can do it for you. Bring it to his shop to minimize costs.

If you want to try other methods....

Look for a panel you can remove (by removing the screws) that will put you within arm's length of the lock. Don't forget the bottom panels.

Force the lock with a large screw driver and pliers. Be prepared to fix the damage, possibly lots of damage.

Good luck. I'd take it to a locksmith if I were you.


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Usually a big nut on the back. Crescent wrench.

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Stormin Mormonn

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