Euro cylinder - help needed!

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What's the location of the mail slot?

Middle of door, bottom?

If middle, how about closing it off & installing a "MAIL BOX" on the exterior of the Bldg?

If bottom, I don't see if there's a problem.

Your ins regs over the pond may be different than ours here, but, I really don't see how they can mandate a FIRE HAZZARD double cylinder lock.

My 2 cents worth,


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Interestingly, in a nation of over 50M people, locking residential entrance doors from the inside has never seemed to be a real issue with respect to fire safety. Perhaps the number of fatalities attributed to this is insignificant.

Many of these doors are locked with insurance approved (ie meeting British Standard 3621) bit key lever locks for which inside turn-knobs are not an option.

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The problem with this is the design of the profile cylinder. There may be a solution however, check with your local locksmith and see if cutting a special key might work. I suspect that if the cuts are widened a bit toward the tip of the key, this would allow the modified key to be inserted in the outside and either turn the cam as well as the inside cylinder to open the lock or allow you to rotate the inside cylinder to the point where the inside key will be in a position that you could push it out from the outside.

Print this and show it to your local locksmith, he should be able to figure out what I am talking about.

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Roger Shoaf

Sure, it`s very common here in Germany.


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Stefan Brunert

Hi Stefan

Are there any online suppliers?

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cutting a

inserted in the

Thanks Roger I will go to my locksmith armed with your advice................wish me luck!


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Exactly this way it is done, even high security cylinders (DOM, EVVA) offer this option. In Germany this is called "Gefahrenschlüssel", what means something like emergency key.

regards - Ralph

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Ralph A. Schmid, DK5RAS

The easiest way to solve this problem is to shorten the end of the key you want to use.It will overcome this problem as i have been using this method for years after getting locked out too !! Just get a copy made and get the person making it to grind a bit off but not as far as the first pins cut.


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