HG45 chicago lookup

Does anyone have the cuts for the above code. Its a double sided key. I
use code source and it doesn't know the code. It knows what the blank is,
but not the cuts.
Allied Lock & Security, Inc
Atlanta, GA
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The reason CodeSource does not list the cuts for HG45 is because both sides of the key have a continuously changing profile. I checked the old paper code books and they show that HG45 is the same profile as H2114. (CodeSource also shows the bitting as H2114) . Most locksmith shops have a precut set of the Chicago H2001 - H2576 series which is available from some of the wholesalers. The old HPC code books, Volune 1, starting on page 66 show the profiles of the entire series and give some hints on how to cit the key. If you have access to the precut set of keys for H2001 - H2276 then just transfer the profile from H2114 to the appropriate blank and you will have an HG45 key. Also note that an uncut blank will not enter the keyway until it has been cut to the right profile.
Hope this sheds some light on the problem. I don't believe I have given out any information that would be very useful to the non-locksmith reader, especially the actual profile.
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Hello, Hpc has a silhouette profile book that is yours for the asking as long as you are a registered 1200 cmb owner. John Middleman CRL.
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