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My mother lost the only set of keys to her 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier. It's an ordinary key; no electronics involved. Can a local locksmith cut a replacement? On this car, theone key opens everything and fits the ignition. Thanks! Ken

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Personally, the last place I would go to have it fixed is a locksmith. The last locksmith I had work on a vehicle did a butcher job and left half the wafers out of the ignition lock because he was too lazy to code the lock properly.

Another locksmith, from another town screwed up the airbags in my sisters BMW. She got locked out, called a Locksmith and he opened the car but the next day the airbag light kept coming on. Turned out the idiot partially severed a wire in the door while trying to open the car.

I wouldn't trust a locksmith to put batteries in a flashlight and get it correct.

Call the local Chevy dealer and have them do it.

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pink slip.. proof of identity, and go to car dealership...


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Spot on.

Local town locksmith is a joke in these parts.

He couldn't open a can of Pepsi on a 95 degree summer day.

Most of these so called locksmiths are nothing but meat hooks.

Don't let your car anywhere near one of them because they will for sure fuck it up.

I once saw a locksmith trying to open a Mercedes (I think?) and every time he popped the actuator for the door lock with his set of professional Pro-Lok tools (coat hangers bent in the right places), the door would re-lock itself.

I sat on the curb eating a slice of pizza and sipping a beer wwtching this guy for about 45 minutes before I walked over an offered my advice.

He got nasty with me until the customer, who was obviously upset and fully aware of his incompetence said to him "can you open the fucking car or not? I haven't got all day"

I laughed, and went home because I had more important things to do than get in an argument with a brain dead Locksmith.

The pizza place owner told me a couple of days later that they had to flatbed the car.

Score another win for super-smith!

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I'd suggest to call a couple locksmiths out of the yellow pages. See who is polite, makes sense, and treats you with good manners over the telephone.

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Stormin Mormon

Piece of cake, this is the work we do.

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Roger Shoaf

yes... so can the dealer...

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you must be kin to tarbaby. you seem to be just as clueless.

no real need to reply... <plonk>

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Just a thought - use the one with the smallest advertisment. He or she probably has a good very satisfied customer base and does not need to engage in a Yellow Pages advertising war, the only victor of course being the publisher.

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"Ken" ( snipped-for-privacy@bellsouth.net) writes: Ottawa Canada

Hi Ken:

Yes a local locksmith should be able to make a replacement key for your mother's car.

Or she can just call her friendly local Chevy dealer and they can make her one too.



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Brian K.Lingard

very wise. Of course, you are right.

Most customers figure "get someone close". I've heard those words for

15 plus years.
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Stormin Mormon

had a funny.. remembered about a locksmith somewhere back east..they wrote about him in one of the magazines.

you cant call him..he isnt listed in the book, his number is totally unlisted., no advertising either... and if you DO manage to get his number and call him, he asks who recommended him? and if you answer wrong, he refers you to someone else.. strictly word of mouth, and if he likes you, you can recommend him to others with his permission. --Shiva--

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No offense but if the key is original to the car they must not be much of a dealership. I can get that key code by VIN and have never even worked at a chevy dealer. if they have to contract out to make that key their customers should go somewhere else.

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