Picking tools on eBay

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The lockaid tool is probably gonna get your auction yanked. I don't have time, or frankly, care enough to complain about it myself, but I guarantee you somebody else already has.
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The only way I've seen people get away with selling pick tools or key machines is to list them with the "Buy it now" feature. usually it's sold before eBay picks up on it...
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Roger Cann
On Wed, 10 Jan 2007 20:34:26 -0500 in alt.locksmithing "DB" snipped-for-privacy@nobodyhome.com, cocked his hammer and shot:
I sure hope so! Actually, it's not my auction, it's the auction of a guy I'm doggin' for ripping me off on another of his sleazy auctions involving a legal product. I've already complained and I hope the lot of you will as well.
BTW, ain't that tool pretty much old hat now that we laymen know all about bumping?
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