scotsman 747X manual

I am looking for the operator manual that came with a customer's Scotsman
747X tubular key machine. I am especially interested in the section on
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Ed Jasper
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I got an XU machine in a nice collection of 'stuff'... paid $20 for it in fact-they didnt know if it worked, and at the time I didnt either..
spending an hour cleaning, and de gunking, then plugging in a PRE cut key, let me pretty well figure it out.. dont know about yours, cause its a different model...
on a RELATED note, who has the oversize AND the smaller tubular blanks? --Shiva--
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Check with HPC, they bought out Scotsman.
If you can't find a book, the depth is set by how you chuck the key in the collet. You need to tighten it about 3/4 tightened press the blank against the cutter (power off) to zero it then tighten the rest of the way.
The only other adjustment is the how far the cutter will cut in to the edge of the blank. This is accomplished by turning the little knob by the back of the motor. This will change the tilt of the motor and therefore the cutter, allowing you to control how much you cut.
The guide is adjustable for the different sizes of keys. the knob loosens the spring loaded guide and the little button on top needs to be pushed down to seat the guide in the key you are going to copy. Once you have pressed the guide into the cut retighten the little knob. It helps to have three hands while performing this task.
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