Where can I get the keycode for a 2004 Dodge Neon

Here's the skinny... My brother inlaw has taken my mother inlaws car w/out permission from Texas to Florida and won't return it to her. And she is one of those mothers that won't call the cops and report the car stolen, so he gets to have a car that she pays the paymants and insurance on for free...

How or where do I get a key made so I can get the car back for her... What info do I need to get the keycode and will the dealer give it to me and cut me a key..


Frank snipped-for-privacy@gmail.com

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He is using his mothers car, and you are about to put yourself in the middle of things to support a sibling...scarey for you.

If this loser is not with your sibling, why should you care? If this loser IS with your sibling, then they have transportation.

I'd stay out of this family matter, either way things could get ugly for ya, perhaps even getting you reported for car theft.

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if the neon does not have the transponder option ? (dealer should know) get your mother in-law to bring proof of ownership to the Dodge Dealership. or have her contact a towing service and have them pick up her car. after she gets the car home, tell her to have the locks changed..


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Your mother in law needs to go to the dealer and bring her registration or title. They will not give the key code to you.

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Roger Shoaf

Like everybody else said take the registration to the dealer or a locksmith who has access to a keycode by vin database that includes Dodge. You might also need a letter from the leinholder if you don't have the title. In the meantime if you know where the car is now you should have your mother in law contact a repo or towing service in FL and have the car snatched. You will have to pay a fee and might have to pay some storage but at least you will know where it's at when you get there for it.

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